#175 – Praying Christians Sought Out at Portage Place


Pictured above is Darlene Johnson who is a member of Provencher Community Church and has been with Kingdom H2O for about 3 months.  She works as a Human Resource Generalist.
I love that we’re able to affect people’s lives in a simple yet positive way by just asking a simple question – ‘Is there anything I could pray for you about’?  We’re encouraging people and showing love.  It’s an extra treat when we get to introduce someone to Jesus.  I also like that so many people from different churches are involved because it makes the group diverse yet unified, and God loves unity.” 
“Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.”  Proverbs 28:27

This Week’s Highlights
*Prayer in the Past Remembered – see below
*Miracles at the Quest Inn – see Pastor Lorraine
*Praying Christians – see group picture and write-up

       Fifteen Freedom Fighters came out this week, and went to St. Boniface Hospital, Quest Inn, and Portage Place
“I remember you,” a First Nations lady said to me, on the street near Portage Place.  “How do you know me?” I asked.  “Three years ago you prayed for me in Portage Place,” she answered.  I didn’t remember her but she went on to tell me the prayer had helped her, but she wasn’t forthcoming with any details.  I asked her if I could pray for her now, but she declined.  I was encouraged that she remembered me, and that she remembered the prayer as being helpful.  I told her that if she would like prayer again I was in the area every Thursday evening.  She nodded and said, “Ok”.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last evening Clair and I went out to the Quest Inn on Ellice Avenue in Wpg where we met many people in need of prayer for a variety of physical and emotional afflictions.
When we first arrived we met a young man and his friend sitting in the lobby near the entrance.  He had just had surgery on his broken ankle and was sitting nicely dressed in a chair.  We introduced ourselves, chatted for a few minutes and then asked if we could pray for his ankle.  He was a bit unsure about that so I shared with him a testimony of a young man we prayed for in the park a few years ago who had a broken leg.  After we prayed for him he put his crutches away and started walking on his own.  This story inspired the man with the broken ankle as he had never heard of such a thing before.
Later we moved on to pray for a gentleman who had lost his wife to kidney failure while she was in the hospital.  His heart was very heavy as we brought the comfort of Jesus to his brokenness.  We also prayed for his friend in a wheel chair who was sitting beside him and also had a heavy heart and a physical need.  We didn’t notice an immediate change, but we could see that he was touched by the love and care of Jesus.
Sitting beside these two men was another gentleman named Morris who had his head bowed and did not look well at all.  His wife, Sylvia, sat beside him and spoke quietly to us that he had just had a mini-stroke a few days before.  We could tell that Morris was not himself.  We prayed briefly and afterwards Morris was suddenly very lucid, aware and sat up straight and he seemed like there was no more side effects from his stroke! (no paralysis, no droopy face, no lack of energy—all of it was suddenly gone!)  Then I shared a story about another woman with a stroke that we met in the park about three years ago and how later on she was completely healed of any side effects from her serious stroke.  Sylvia was amazed and delighted to hear that testimony.
Sitting beside her, praying with us was her sister-in-law Laura who had arthritis and could not lift her right arm due to 8/10 pain.  It was obviously hurting.  We prayed twice:  First time it went down to about a 2/3.  We prayed again and all the pain left her shoulder and right arm joint.  She could lift up her arm and move it around with no trouble at all!  Praise the Lord for the miracle of healing!  She was very grateful and somewhat startled.
We moved on and prayed for 3-4 more people that evening at the Quest Inn, grateful to God for the privilege to love people in this way and bring Jesus’ care to their needs.


The encounter below happened last week, and the info missed the deadline for last week’s newsletter, but it was such an amazing encounter the story needs to be told, as it demonstrates how God has been establishing Kingdom H2O’s reputation.
Pictured above L to R is Pastor Thomas, Lawton, Gerald, Bertha, Daniel, Lani, Gaylene, Ed, and Tanya standing in Portage Place Center Court. Picture taken by Kevin.
Lawton, Bertha, and Daniel had driven over 200 Kms from Lake St. Martins, MB in the blizzard-like conditions because they heard there were people who prayed and saw miracles for people’s healing on Thursday nights at Portage Place . Bertha has lung cancer and asked to be prayed for right then and there. It was a Sovereign moment. While the team members were praying for healing the Lord also gave them prophetic words to speak to them.
Kevin had a picture of Daniel with a flag representing other nations in other communities that God was calling him to. Pastor Thomas had a picture of the family with fishing rods and that God was calling them to become fishers of men and evangelize their people. Lawton laughed as he is a commercial fisherman in their community and both Bertha and Lawton’s parents were Christian leaders in their communities going back many years. We are expecting to get a report back confirming Bertha’s healing.

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