#128 – Illusions, Drama, & Healing

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights:
*New Christian placed in spiritual bubble-pack – see below
*Illusions, words of knowledge, drama, & eye-site healed – see Brian
*Card tricks enhance encounters – see Chris
(Just a heads-up – Brian’s and Chris’ reports contain cutting-edge methods of engaging and praying for people – they are experienced at performing illusions, and they are committed risk takers for the Kingdom.  These are not your typical encounters.)

Only 16 Kingdom Soldiers came out to minister this week – the smallest group we have had in a long while – so some teams only had 2 members.  Teams went to Health Sciences, Seven Oaks Hospital, Main Street, and Portage Place.  Several winter clothing items and hygiene kits had been donated so teams had a lot of items to hand-out to the needy.
I started by going to the Health Sciences with Andy to visit and pray for patients.  What impacted me was how eager they were for prayer, and how much they appreciated the visit.
   When I arrived at Portage Place I had 9 regulars waiting in the food court to see me, and they were all wanting to know why I hadn’t been there earlier.  Most of them just wanted to have a listening ear, and update me on what was happening in their lives (lots of loneliness out there folks).  It was a flurry of activity as the mall closes at 9.
    Just before closing, I was introduced to John, the man who had been evangelized by Gaylene and Ryan last week (he is also the one who successfully prayed for the pain in Ryan’s leg).  He had several prayer needs and also wanted to join us on future Thursday nights.  Just as I started to pray for him a very intoxicated angry man plunked himself down at our table.  I ignored him and finished my prayers for John by placing him in a spiritual bubble-pack for protection of his mind from the darts and arrows of the enemy.  I sensed that as a new Christian he was being bombarded by negative thoughts.  I asked him to meet me again next week so I could continue praying for him.  I then turned my attention to the intruder.  I knew that he was sent by the enemy to interrupt my time with John, but I also knew that Jesus loved him too.  He ranted and raved about how residential schools had affected his mom and dad, and he pounded the table as he said he hated all nuns and priests.  I interrupted him and asked him if I could pray for him.  That stopped him from his rant, as he processed my request.  He then declined my offer, but was now kind of mellow – I had been praying quietly that he would sober-up – I think it was happening as he was easier to understand.  I told him that’s what I do, I pray for people, meet me here next Thursday and I will pray for you.  He nodded, it was now 9 and security was asking us to go.  Pray that both John and this guy show-up next week.

Brian’s Report:
We started at Portage Place with the intent to catch some of the prayer action on video. Jeremiah, Brahm, and I accompanied Pastor Chris from Portage la Prairie.  Chris has an exceptional way of starting conversations with people by using card tricks and illusions.
He had approached two young adults seated at a table and begun doing a trick that involves a “moving x” on the person’s hand. The climax of the trick is where the participant holds his fist out while Chris had Jeremiah put his two hands around the participant’s hands but not physically touching them. There were a few inches of space between them. But the participant admitted that he felt some sort of electricity going into his hand and was quite surprised and amazed – as was his girlfriend at the table with him.  This opened the door for Chris to explain what was happening; that Jesus loves them. They were quite impressed with that message and demonstration.
Shortly after we had gone to a table of ladies (a mother and her daughter with her daughter’s friend) and Chris had opened up with a magic trick to entertain them. But when it came to praying for them, no one had any pain. We felt sort of at a loss for what to do next, so Chris turned to me and asked if I had anything.  I was drawing a blank (I mean if they don’t need healing, what else can we do?). But then I figured why not try out what was talked about at the beginning of the evening when we met at Zion. Kevin had gotten up and shared with everyone what he had learned about words-of-knowledge from Shawn Boltz while at a conference of his. The principle was “keep trying and eventually, you’ll get it.  So I said, “I just heard about this and I want to see if it works. If I’m right I’m right, if I’m wrong then I’ll disappear and you won’t’ see us again.” I had her hold her hand out and I put mine a few inches above her and she felt what she described as a magnet. I then began to tell a story about her that I felt I was literally making up on the spot. I was hearing nothing, sensing nothing, I was just speaking and seeing where it went.
I said, “When you were 10 years old you had a bad accident on a bike. You fell and hurt your knees real bad, to the point where you couldn’t leave the house for a while, like a week and a half. You felt super discouraged, not good about yourself because you were stuck inside all day while your friends were out playing and having fun. But somewhere in there, you experienced something where it was like someone was with you, not someone you could see, but like a presence of someone that made you feel safe. A safety you hadn’t felt in a long time….”
“Now on a scale of 1-10, 10 being I got everything right and 0 being I got nothing right, give me a number.”
She looked at me and said “Sort of…”
She then said “I was in a bike accident when I was 10 and I wasn’t able to leave the house for a while. But it was my hips because I had landed on a rock. And I also had a dream of my great-grandfather. He was with me the whole time.”
I asked if he made her feel safe. She said, “Yes, very.”
After chatting with her a bit longer we found out she was Christian and was raised by her grandmother teaching her those ways. She could even pray in her native language. While we were talking/filming, however, right behind us started all sorts of commotion.
It was obvious the enemy wasn’t pleased with what we were doing. An intoxicated woman in her wheelchair decided to fling herself onto the floor and scream at the top of her lungs with curses and bad words. She drew quite a crowd and the security guards asked us to stop filming (though we were filming in the other direction). She made that commotion the entire time we were there until we left. Then she stopped.
While I was there, however, the lady who I was talking with had one of her friends sit down with us. I asked if she wanted to see a card trick. I was going to do something real and something fake (the trick being the fake part). She had no pain but she had only 60% vision. She could see the sign I pointed to across the food-court, but it was blurry.
I then showed her a card that represented her vision, and then placed the card in her hand and put my hand over it. I asked her if she felt anything, she said no. I said, “read that sign again and tell me what you see.” She said she could read the sign perfectly, her vision was restored. I then told her to flip the card in her hand and when she had done that, the card was blank (of course just a trick).
She was amazed! “How did you do that?!”
I thought she was asking about the cards, but she was asking about her vision.
I said, “Do you really want to know?” She leaned in with interest and mystery saying, “Yes”.
I said, “It was Jesus!”
“Wow cool!” she said with a huge smile and laugh. Apparently, she had been going to a United Church every day the past little while for some sort of program. I shared with her that she can do this too if she had the life of Jesus in her, which she said she did, and then I encouraged her and met up with the rest of the team.

Chris’ Report:
Here are some of the things that happened…I only have a few accounts as our team split up.  We encountered a group of people early on.  I did some card tricks, broke the ice and then Brian James came in to give a great Word of Knowledge over this one lady’s life.  She was totally blown away. (see above report) God’s love was present and being released in a powerful way.
We also encountered a young couple buying some food.  I did some icebreakers, had a few laughs with them and after asking if anyone had physical issues that needed attention, the girl responded she had really blurry vision.  I used some of the magic tricks to lead into praying for her eyes.  Immediately after the trick ended, her vision improved.  Each time we prayed, the eyes improved to an 8/10 which was more around a 5/10 when we started.  I shared a few testimonies that happened in Portage Place just a few feet from where they were standing and gave them a link to watch those videos on YouTube.  They were smiling the whole way, receiving God’s love and joy for them.  Praying they continue to receive from that place of God’s love and pleasure for them.  They said “thank you” many times over…we had a blast.

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