#139 – Several People Approach Team Members For Prayer

“You are blessed when you receive mercy and you are blessed when you are merciful to others.”  Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*”Who Are You Guy’s?” Impacted person asks. – see Iris
*Crazy Wild Things Happening – see Pastor Lorraine
*Hospital Yields Multiple Prayer Opportunities – see Warren
Seventeen Deliverers of Peace came out this week.  Teams went to , Health Sciences Center, Children’s Hospital, and Portage Place.
When I entered Portage Place I saw a lady sitting on a walker near the back door.  She was only wearing running shoes – the weather outside was -29.  I had a pair of donated boots and offered them to her.  She received them with a huge smile.  I also had a bag of scarves, and I placed one of them around her neck.  At that point several others sitting around also asked for scarves.  They were gone in 2 minutes flat.  I was about to ask if anyone needed prayer, but they all hurried out the back door for a smoke.
In the food court I bought Kansas some pizza, and Lorraine offered to pray for her (see Lorraine below on how that went).  I bought Joseph tea, and Art a Pepsi.  While there, Joseph wanted prayer as he was feeling faint, Edna came and asked for prayer for her neck, Simone came and asked for prayer for his asthma, Suzanne wanted prayer for her feet that were feeling numb, and Ozzie wanted prayer for his back.  It was a busy night of people asking for prayer.
Just before 9 Gaylene called me over to a table and introduced me to Clarissa, who told me she was addicted to meth, and wanted prayer to be free.  I told her how I had been healed of an addiction to alcohol, and assured her that God can and will heal her of her addiction.   I then prayed sobriety over her, bound the spirit of addiction, and prayed a blessing of freedom over her.  I then talked to her about choosing to believe in her healing, and to walk away from any temptation placed in front of her.  I emphasized that she was healed.  We both agreed to meet next Thursday night.

Iris’ Report:
Lani, Gaylene and I headed towards the abortion clinic to pray, as that is the direction Lani had felt led. On the way, sitting on a bench in the mall we met Dana, who immediately said yes when asked if we could pray for him. He asked prayer for his ex-girlfriend Robyn, who was not in a great situation and he was not able to get a hold of her. Gaylene prayed and spoke about his tender heart. Lani had a word of knowledge for him about a separation (she saw a picture over him like a lightning bolt) and he said yes, his mom had died just a few days before. I prayed the verse ‘The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.’ As we left Gaylene said, “You are on God’s radar, like his GPS, and he is zoning in on you.”  Dana shook his head in agreement and said, “And I had just turned off my location on my phone just as you were walking up.”  We laughed at God’s crazy connections, and hugged Dana with tears in his eyes as we left, walking towards the abortion clinic.
We stayed at the abortion clinic and prayed for a while.  We pleaded the blood of Jesus and for hearts to turn in that place.  Just as we were going to leave Matthew walked past, and Gaylene asked him if he would like prayer.  He responded, “Do I ever.”  So we asked his story. He was dejected with the trouble he was in as he had driven his mom’s car the day before with his learner’s, gotten into an accident and was liable for the damages as he had driven without a companion in the car, which you can’t do with a learner’s. He was also feeling like his life was not going anywhere, and considered himself a backslidden Christian.  Gaylene immediately spoke mercy over him and shared a similar story of her own where she had been responsible in an accident, and that God’s mercy triumphs over judgement, and we prayed for his meeting today with the police. Lani shared the story of the prodigal son with him, that the Father was running to him, and we spoke over him that God’s arms were open wide to him.  Matthew said that he had been crying out to God and he felt this encounter was part of God’s answer. As he left us he hugged each of us and said he loved us.
As I walked back to my car, Dana was still sitting on the same bench in Portage Place, and waved me over.  He said, “Who are you guys? Do you have a card? This is just crazy.” I could see he was still rocked by his encounter with the Lord and gave him the name of Zion Church and he googled it.  He then told me that his ex girlfriend had just gotten a hold of him. I assured him that God sees him and cares for him as I left.
People are hurting and so need the love and care of Jesus, and it was privilege to be His hands and feet in a small but incredible way in Dana’s and Matthew’s life. Both of those encounters felt like God set them up, as we would not have met either of them if we hadn’t headed in the direction of the abortion clinic.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Went out on a bitterly cold night last night.  Met some team members in Portage Place Mall, including two students from our H2O Boot Camp course.  Initially, it seemed pretty quiet, but then suddenly lots of crazy, wild things were going on all around us—yelling, swearing, altercations with security guards on at least 2 occasions and a few people thrown out of the mall.  It seems our enemy was working overtime to distract us and try to derail us at every turn.
Met Kansas in the food court – Al had just bought her pizza.  She’d been in the hospital for quite some time with serious affects from a stabbing injury.  I joined her to sit down with her at a table with Simon and her other friend and was going to pray for her and others with her.  But, unfortunately, she got into a fight with the woman server at the pizza place.  (Who knew that getting pizza would be such a problem! LOL)  Anyway, the prayer never happened.  I watched as the guard confronted her and eventually escorted her out of the mall.  Next our team met a young pregnant woman named Melissa who was in pain and fearful.  We prayed and her pain receded, but didn’t leave entirely.  We broke a few spirits off of her and dealt with some fear.  She seemed a bit more at peace.  Then we met an older woman named Susan.  I was drawn to her as she sat quietly at a table and asked us to pray for her.  Her reply was, “I’ve been waiting for you guys to pray for me.”  Wow!  She had recently broken her right wrist and was in a cast and was in about a level 5 pain.  So the team began to pray and within minutes the pain all left her body, and she mentioned that she felt the sensation of something moving up from her wrist on her arm and immediately everything was gone.  She was very grateful and touched by Jesus’ love and we discovered that she was an intercessor and loved the Lord.  We asked her to go to her doctor to get it re-examined and let us know what the result was.  We’re believing that her wrist is healed!  We had other interesting encounters, including a situation where a drunk and belligerent man had to be taken out of the mall with handcuffs on his wrists too…Sadly, we never had a chance to pray with him.

Warren’s Report:
Dinah was a highlite of our evening.  Dinah, was from a reserve up in North Central MB and therefore wasn’t getting any visitors. Shelley, Ed, Georges and I prayed for her heart condition and Ed & Shelley picked up on her need for prayer in her breathing. When we met her she was asking us for some change, so she could purchase some junk food at the store on the main floor.
Ed & Shelley then broke off to pray for a 2 month old in Children’s Hospital as we met her mom and young son also coming by on the main floor to make a purchase at the store, and they asked for prayer for their son. They met various generations of this family in Children’s and reported back that their youngest, their two year old was on the mend. Georges & I , visited Don on 3, as well as James with his mom and Tim who was rumoured to be returning to Thompson Hospital, in a couple of days.  We are ending our report with Tim’s cousin Louie who was reported deceased by Tim’s mom last week as he had been taken off life support, but that was only because he was returning to the main hospital from SMIC, due to improvement. Georges & I caught up with him in a ward on 5.  Louie was awake but, could not talk as he had just completed a procedure and had a tube in his throat.  However, we could tell he was more alert and doing so much better. Next week we will start with Louie and move to Tim, if he is still here, so we can let him know how his cousin Is doing. A definite sideline is upon entering Louie’s ward, we were informed we would only be allowed to remain for half an hour, and have to visit solely in two’s. We finished the evening by going to the 6 th floor dialysis after 9:30 pm and locating Mr Knott, who had had leg surgery on top of he and his wife getting their normal Thursday night, 4 hr dialysis. We found there are many couples that come in three times per week together for their dialysis. This is not unusual, and becoming quite a norm. We met a Mr. Nash was quite tired tonight so Shelley gave him a short prayer.  Then Don on 3rd floor, was also quite tired.  He had procedures performed today, and his family had left around 7 pm. We just started in his ward after 830 pm. The Holy Spirit was really great at getting going in our second hour there.

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