#147 – Check Review of Last Year – Numbers Are Impressive!

“Many people see only a hopeless end, but we have an endless hope.” Nicky Gumble

“Because of the transient community we work with on the streets and malls, it is sometimes difficult to track accurate numbers of what we have been seeing with Kingdom H2O, but let me give you some conservative averages that we have managed to gather:  We have seen about 3-4 salvations a week and in the past 12 months H2O has led approximately 200 people to the Lord in our city.  We have witnessed well over 350+ people healed this year, since we often see 8 healings weekly. We have sent out an average of 6 teams a week on Thursday nights.”
“Further in the past year our teams have met the needs of about 1000 people, In practical ways such as:  providing food, clothing, bus tickets, toiletries, practical help, household goods, prayers of blessing, listening ears, cards, hugs, roses, hot chocolate etc.  That is a huge Kingdom impact on our city!  We are also introducing many Christians to seeing the power of God at work as dozens of other believers have come out once or twice and joined us on the streets.  Also a total of about 46 students from Eston College and Providence College have come out with us.”
Kingdom H2O is a ministry of Zion Apostolic Church that Partners with about 80 team members from 35 different churches.

This Week’s Highlights
*Eye-site Restored in Australia – see Kevin
*Leg Healed in Gym – see Clair
*Man Experiences Unique Cleansing After Receiving Jesus – see Pastor Thomas
*Post Operative Healing – see Pastor Lorraine
*Fears, Demons, and Addictions – see Gaylene
*Team Approached For Prayer – see Warren

Eighteen Freedom Fighters came out to minister this Thursday, and they went to Health Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital, and Portage Place.  There was lots going on in the Portage Place Food Court.  As soon as we got there Kansas, a  relatively new Christian walked-up to Ken and said she wanted to talk to him.  They spent a long time talking as she had a lot of questions about being a Christian.
The Village Connection Thrift Store had donated dozen’s of ‘hoodies’ for us to give away.  We like to use our giveaways as an opportunity to engage people for Kingdom purposes.  Gaylene and I approached 2 women and a man sitting in the food court and offered them each a ‘hoodie’.  We then told them that we also pray for people and asked who would like prayer.  One of the ladies immediately responded that she would like prayer for her hand.  After a short prayer commanding healing she said she had felt something happening in her hand and it felt better.  That encouraged the other lady to say she also wanted prayer, and by then other team members had arrived and they spent a long time talking with and praying with her.  See more details in Gaylene’s report below.
Right at that time a security guard wanted to talk to me.  He asked if I was the one handing out toiletry kits last week.  I said, probably, I couldn’t remember for sure.  He asked if I remembered a pink one, as someone left it behind, and he could give it back to me if I wanted to give it to someone else.  I thanked him.  I was encouraged that security was being that helpful.

Kevin Penner’s Report:  (From Australia)
Eyesight Healed – Partially Blind from Birth
Went for a walk along the ocean (Australia) this morning with my wife Jackie and from having sun one moment it turn into a cloud burst of rain the next.
We rushed into a small shelter and a man named Ken who had been walking the opposite way, rushed in as well.
After a few minutes of casual talk I asked Ken about his eyesight. He said he was born with bad vision from birth and one of his eyes he described as worse, that it was partially shut on the inside of it.  He said he could not see far or close very well with either of his eyes.
I had him test both his eyes, one at a time, with a sign that was 70 feet away.  He could not read anything on it.  I told him I have so much fun with meeting people with poor vision and I asked if I could entertain him by showing him something to instantly get his sight made perfect.  He smiled and wondered what I was going to do, but he let me lay hands on his worst eye and it was instantly made perfect. Then I laid a hand on his other eye and that was then perfect as well.
I asked him to explain to me how he thought that happened?  He said it was probably a mind trick, but I said if it was just his mind how could he now read everything on that sign that had such small print it needed 20/20 vision to read it.
I explained to him that I was a Christian, and that God created him for health and prosperity (3 John 2) and that if God could do that for his eyes, that he could be trusted with every part of his life.
Ken seemed very surprised at what had happened to his sight, and the message that came with it.  He did not seem to know a God that was trustworthy. He thanked me very much for the encounter and said he would think about everything I shared.
A seed was sown.  Let’s trust that Ken will grow it to full maturity 🙂

Clair Falk at the gym:  (Healing not only happens on Thursday nights)
I don’t normally share a lot, but I had to share what happened this afternoon.  I was at the gym working out when a noticed a guy across from me,( covered in tattoos), in extreme pain. He was wearing a knee brace and in between his reps he would rub his knee and looked like he was in agony.    Well as was watching him, I knew God wanted me to go pray for him, I’m like, oh God you’re setting me up here. So I walked over to him, thinking he is here to work out, he doesn’t want to be bothered, I said, it looks like you’re in a lot of pain, could I pray for you? He replied yes, so I put my hand on his knee, comanded pain to go and spoke strength into his knee.  He looked at me and said all throbbing is gone and almost all the pain. So I prayed once more and he said he couldn’t feel anything, and said this was his last set and would know when he was done. He thanked me so much, and said no one had ever done that for him, shook my hand, asked me my name, told me his and that was that.    I then went upstairs on the stepper, and as I was looking down I saw this guy get up from his last rep, take off his knee brace, started kicking his leg all over the place, proceeded to do lunges!!!! 😯 WOW, he was just dragging his leg, now healed!!! He looked up at me so happy!!! YES,  thank you Jesus, so glad I obeyed Him!!

Pastor Tom Campbell:
Tonight I went to the Health Sciences Centre with Ana and Kelly to give communion to Jaydon’s family and pray for Jadon and their family.  (Jadon had attempted suicide and was on life support).  It has been a long road for everyone and so the encouragement was very welcomed.   We held hands and prayed for  Jadon.  After we left, Jadon’s vitals began to drop and an hour later he passed away. Please keep the family in prayer in their great loss.
We then met a family, who invited us to pray for Jordy, a man from Deer Lake Ontario, who from an infection has double pneumonia and was on life support.  We prayed for him and released life and healing over him and also prayed for Liza his mother who had level 5 back pain.  After prayer the pain completely left and she was amazed.
Before we left, we met a man, George, in the waiting room Room who had an I.V. in his arm from his blood sugar levels dropping, which in turn caused him to be rushed into the hospital.  He asked for prayer as well as for his back which was in pain from a car accident in 2000.  There was no immediate change but we also shared Jesus with him and he said he wanted to accept Jesus into his life.  I asked Kelly, who is a brand new believer herself, to pray with him to receive Christ.  What a beautiful moment that was.  When we asked George how he felt after inviting Jesus into his life he said he literally felt like a fire hose was washing through his body, cleansing him.

Lorraine’s Report:
Well one of the highlights of tonight’s H2O was when I went to St. Boniface Hospital to pray for Les one of our team members.  He was glad to see me and sitting in a chair, very tired and recovering from some heart surgery.
I prayed for him (along with 3 other people who were visiting him from his church).  We spoke healing to his body and he told us it felt like his chest was suddenly burning hot and like someone was inside his chest moving things around.  He then got up and put aside his walker, mentioned that he felt weird or strange and began to walk without his walker down the hallway past the nursing station!

Gaylene’s Report:
As soon as I walked into Portage Place, I was approached by John, a new Christian, who we haven’t seen for a few months because he’s been going to a young adults group at the Wave Church on Thursday evenings. He expressed quite a few regrets, fears and some unforgiveness so I took him to Dollarama to buy him a journal. I encouraged him to write these issues down and ask Jesus to help him. He was a bit resistant to the idea (I get it.  I avoided journalism for many years) but he has the journal now and I believe it will be a helpful tool for him. As he’s done in the past John ended up tagging along for the entire evening.
Al had given me a bag of women’s hoodies and he brought me to a table of people who were interested in them. Initially they thought we were selling them, but when they found out they were free, they eagerly accepted a couple.  Al asked if we could pray for them and Susan immediately asked for prayer. She had a wrist injury and she has been plagued with pain from it. Although she wasn’t in pain right then, when I prayed for her I felt my hands get warm she said she could definitely feel the heat.
Wendy, who was sitting across from her, initially didn’t want prayer but after a bit of chitchat, she admitted she could use prayer for an upcoming surgery (she declined to say what for). She was fearful about the surgery, the length of stay in the hospital and was concerned about who would be looking after her kids while she was there. I asked Nihad and Lani to help pray for her. Lani told Wendy of how she was looked after in a similar situation when she had a second child. We prayed for her surgery and for remarkable solutions and peace in her situation.
I had to take a call from one of my kids in jail so I stepped away and then ran into Kansas, who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. I remarked at how radiant she looked and it turns out she’s in a fairly stable place with her extensive health issues. She also shared about how two of her fistula holes (from knife wounds) had miraculously closed after Jeremiah prayed for her a while back. I asked Nihad to join me to pray and we asked for more of the miraculous for her fistulas and accompanying pain. She had just smoked a cigarette and I felt to explain how the demon of addiction is behind smoking. She’d never heard that before and was really intrigued and agreed for us to pray for her to quit smoking. Nihad prayed for the anointing to increase and as we prayed she started to wobble a bit and she said her lips were numb. She had to sit down because the Holy Spirit was touching her so deeply. We feel pretty confident that Kansas was being healed at a new level from her health issues and addictions.
Lani asked me to help pray for Allan, who’s currently an out-patient in the Health Sciences Centre because of some skin and infection issues. He was feeling a lot of despair at the treatments and his projected one month stay in the hospital, where he feels lonely and abandoned by God. He also shared his struggles with alcoholism and parts of his past which includes sexual abuse and his anger towards his parents who didn’t protect him. We spent time listening to him and then asked God to heal his body, his alcoholism and bring peace to his heart and mind. The Holy Spirit was evident as we prayed, but Allan said he felt nothing. Lani and I agreed to visit him when we go to HSC on Monday.

Warren’s Report:
George’s and I went to Health Sciences.  We met a young man named Justin, who did card tricks, and he joined us in praying for others.
In our visits we have discovered many aboriginal patients are interrelated.  Georges and I met Tim from Thompson who has been at HSC for over a year and a half.  He took some drugs a non friend left him and he relapsed. With Justin we prayed for his health to return and he is now walking which he has not done for nearly a month.  A lady named Lillian asked us whether we were Christians and would we pray for her husband Lorne who had just finished dialysis for the evening and is a permanent patient here. We have his room number and will visit him.  We spent time with Lillian about her hubby Lorne accepting Jesus in a short prayer, which she could lead him in. She said she knew she could.
We ask all people we visit in the HSC if we can call in on them at other times, or if Calvary Temple Prayer teams that come here on alternative Saturday’s or other teams at other times during the week as well. We have never had anyone to date decline additional prayer

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