#148 – Central Park ‘Hotspot’ For Kingdom Building

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die.” Nelson Mandela

Image: Central Park, one of our Kingdom building hotspots will soon be thriving with people from all nations again.
Gaylene Dempsey, a full time, downtown missionary, who the locals have nic-named “Hood Mom”, ministers to the many needs of refugees and First Nations people who congregate in Central Park.  Gaylene joins Kingdom H2O every Thursday night, and Kingdom H2O Team Members join her during the week.  We witness people being healed and saved on a regular basis.  Here are a few words from Gaylene about the upcoming month of Ramadan:
It’s less than a month until Sanctuary House of Prayer (SHOP) in the City starts its third year in Central Park from Tuesday to Friday during Ramadan. Yesterday I had an intense encounter with a young lady in the park, who I prayed for and she told me no one has ever taken the time to really hear her story. It reminded me of the power of what we call the walking church and the sheer consistency being there night after night. See you in Central Park from May 7 to June 4.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Jesus Christ Healed Me – see bold type below
*Pain Drops to ‘0’ for Several – see Dove
*Re-commitment and Salvation at Hospital – see Pastor Thomas
*Divine Appointment Leads to Salvation – see Pastor Lorraine
*Truth Spoken to Drug Dealers – see Andy

*Polio Victim and Cargiver Receive Prayer – see Clair

Twenty-five Mall Warriors came out to minister this Thursday, and they went to Siloam Missions, St. Boniface Hospital, Quest Inn, Polo Park, City Place, and Portage Place.
While I was buying some pizza for a few of the regulars, I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder.  I turned to see a young man who said, “Are you Al?”  I confirmed I was.  “You are going to pray for me”, he stated.  “I want you to hear my story first, then I want you to pray”.  I responded, “That’s what I am here for – how do you know me?”  He said a friend told me to go to Portage Place on Thursday night, find a guy named Al, and he will pray for you.  His name was Jonas, and he was originally from Ethiopia.  He wanted prayer for some mental issues, and he wanted his relationship with his father restored, who he hasn’t seen for 13 years.  After I prayed I asked him if he felt anything.  He said he felt something like energy coming out of my hands into his body.  I then asked 
him, “Do you know who just healed you?”  “Jesus Christ”, he stated without hesitation.

Dove’s Report:
         (Al’s note:  Dove is from Barrie, ON, and she joins us every year when she is in the Winnipeg area visiting family.  Back home she also ministers on the streets and in the malls.)
I talked to several people in the Portage Place Food Court, and asked them if they had any pain – some did but many did not …if they did ….I prayed till it went down to 0 …if they did not I would offer them a treat and give them a choice between mini kit kat, a granola bar or an Easter egg…then offer them a Gospel tract or a Daily Bread.   People would always thank me, and most of the time then I could ask them if they knew Jesus.
I went near the windows and met Lisa who was there with a good friend…asked them if they had any pain and she said her hand ..so I prayed and it went from a 3 to 0 then we started talking.  I gave them a treat and as we were talking.  They both knew Jesus but were not going to a church at this time.
I then went to a couple of girls ….Destiny said she had pain on her foot and it had been there her whole life …she let me pray twice and it went down to 0 then prayed for cramps and sore legs and she said it was all good now.
I also had a toiletry kit to give away, so I asked Destiny if she needed it and she said yes I do so, I handed it to her.
It was a good nite and God moved and touched many including me.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went to the St. Boniface Hospital with Jacquie, Buck and Lorraine who came out for the first time.  Lorraine wanted to pray for a friend named Charles who ended up not wanting prayer, but we did go visit Dale a man who we had prayed for a few weeks ago.  He had pain in his back shoulder and side and had some internal bleeding.  After we prayed the pain went down a lot and he felt peace.
We also met Didra, an aboriginal  woman who began to cry when we asked if we could pray for her.  She was in the hospital for pain all over her body and dizziness and confusion and she looked so, so depressed.  She welcomed prayer and after about 15 minutes of prayer and ministry she said the pain all left and she opened up, saying she had been in a woman’s addiction program at Union Gospel Mission but had voluntarily left.  She realized that God hadn’t abandoned her or forgotten her but that He cared so much for her that he used us to track her down.  As a result she recommitted her life back to the Lord.  Her whole countenance changed dramatically and she was so thankful for the prayer and said she was going to go back to the program.
As we were leaving the hospital there was a young man named Dillon in a wheelchair so I asked if he wanted prayer.  He said he was actually just sitting in his girlfriend’s wheelchair who was up on the 6th floor with a growing cancer on her liver.  We went up with him and his mother Danielle who said they were all from Sandy Lake, Ontario.  She looked closely at me and said I looked familiar and then she remembered me from a Thursday Outreach about 4 months ago when we had been up in Children’s hospital and prayed for her son named Lazarus who had severe breathing problems and that miraculously his breathing drastically improved and he was released.  Praise the Lord !!  When we got to the room we met Courtney who was only 18 years old and had pain across her stomach from the cancerous growths on her liver.  Lorraine laid her hands on her stomach and we spoke healing and peace to her and broke off a generational root over her life.  She also prayed a prayer to receive Jesus into her heart.  You could see hope come to her as she felt the pain diminish drastically.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Cheyenne, Dove, and I had a full evening.  We shared the Gospel with two people and led them to the Lord:  Sarah, a young woman in the Food Court who had level 7 pain.  Dove prayed for her.  The 1st time pain went from 7 to 2, 2nd time pain went form a 2 to 0!
While Dove was praying for someone else, and Sheyenne was helping Al, I led Rosie to the Lord.  She had recently lost her husband of 10+ years to suicide.  She was traumatized.  I sat and listened, bought her a meal and then shared the love of Jesus with her.  Initially, I had met Rosie sitting outside on a bench shivering in the cold.  She had been drinking.  I met her again in the Food Court and eventually spent more time with her.  She was God’s Divine appointment this evening. Also prayed for people at the Quest Inn for issues such as angina, diabetes, cancer.  Prayed for a woman named Linda.  Her husband Walter needed prayer for blindness (glaucoma) and arthritis.  We’re believing he is healed in Jesus name!

Andy’s Report:
Gaylene, Lani, Nihad and I encountered Ifoma and Emmanuel, at Portage Place.  They were a couple of young students from Nigeria, who were Christians and they wanted prayer for courage and breakthrough in areas of there lives.  We also met Lindsay who we had met at HSC hospital Monday. Prayed for continued healing for him.  Then we met Shana and Brendan outside the doors of the mall and prayed deliverance prayers for her moms meth addiction.
We then met Cody and Aaron – 2 homeless drug dealers, cousins who had a lot of thoughts about Christianity and Masons. They were young guys, very different – great thinkers. Aaron was very family oriented with the names of his family tattooed on his arm. We didn’t get to pray for them much but spoke truth to them in love.
Clair’s Report:
Kevin, Anna, Kelly and I went to pray for Ray, one of Anna’s clients.  Ray has had polio since childhood and is wheelchair bound or bedridden. Kevin had us read out of Joshua, and ministered truth and life to him, as well as to the rest of us. We then released life in his body and mind, he was so peaceful and received the word!!
We then prayed for beautiful Jenny, Ray’s caregiver, blessed her and her family by giving her hoodies and treats for her children!!  Was a great night, we all left feeling so blessed!!

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