#170 – God’s Got This!

Kingdom H2O Outreach Ministry Thursday, August 29th, 2019 by Jackie Penner

Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a centre of fear” – Corrie ten Boom


Pictured above is Pastor Lorraine Peladeau.  She has been with Kingdom H2O since May 5th, 2016 when it started, and was hired as KH2O’s Pastor 6 months ago.  She attends Zion Apostolic Church where she also provides Pastoral care..
What I love about Kingdom H2O is it brings relevance back into the church again. It marks a shift in the way we share Jesus and live outside the church building. We have always been called to be in the world but not of it.  No more hiding away in obscurity or living without a voice.”

This Week’s Highlights
* Leg grows out and pain disappears – see Pastor Thomas
*God’s working on Beloved – see Brahm
*Love is the key to all things – see Kevin

Approximately 23 people came out this week to share the love of Jesus and

Pastor Thomas’ report:
Tonight I was teamed up with Jason, Linda and Alba and ended up going to the Health Sciences Centre to pray for a woman named Carol who had surgery for cancer.  After that, Jason wanted to get a coffee so we went looking for where we could find one and ended up in the Visitors Lounge where there was a large extended family from Norway House.  They had an extra coffee which they surprisingly offered to Jason.  We then asked who would like to receive prayer.  There were two women, Melvina and Diana, who responded to our invitation and asked for prayer for a pregnant woman who is battling pneumonia.  They shared how they were close friends of the woman who was killed yesterday by a vehicle while crossing at a crosswalk. She was also from Norway House.  They really appreciated the prayer and also said that the woman killed was a believer and also had gone there to visit the woman with pneumonia.  After that, people started coming to us asking for prayer,  including Shane.  I asked him if he had back pain.  He looked at me in unbelief and said “How did you know?”  I answered, “Because God wants to heal you”.  We asked him to sit down and had everyone in the visitor’s lounge come and watch how one leg was an inch shorter than the other.  As we prayed, the leg grew out and all the pain disappeared.  More people came for healing prayer and were touched.  The family asked us to go up to the fourth floor to pray for Rachel, the pregnant woman with pneumonia. We did pray for her but also got to share the Gospel with her sister, Karen.   It was a very Spirit led evening that brought great blessing to a lot of people.

Brahm’s report:
This Thursday, Clair, Sheyenne, Myra, Emily and myself headed down to Portage Place Mall. Right off the bat, we had an opportunity to talk with and pray for a man named Richard. Richard was heavily intoxicated, and admitted openly to us that he was struggling with alcoholism. He also informed us that he had recently received a cancer diagnosis, and was clearly upset and anxious about his health situation. Sheyenne and Emily bought him something to eat from the food court, and we were able to briefly pray for him and minister to him.

As we finished praying for Richard, we were approached by two young men, one of whom, Ranier, was looking for prayer. We received words of knowledge about him having a gifting in music. He confirmed this and we were able to pray for him and bless what God was doing in his life and through his musical ability.

I felt led to chat with one of the maintenance staff who was on break, and got to have a brief but very positive conversation with him. His name was Haji, and he had moved to Canada from the Philippines several years ago. He asked for prayer for his cough and cold. I didn’t see any immediate change, but he was very open to talking about God and to receiving prayer. I’m sure we will run into Haji again!

Beloved was hovering around us for most of the night, and said he was feeling stressed about his living situation. We prayed for him on our own after he left and received the name “Daniel,” so later on I asked him if the name Daniel meant anything to him. He said that Daniel was a business man he knew, and said that he would maybe try to connect with him again and see if Daniel would have any advice for him or be able to help him in any way. Later on, Beloved pointed out another gentleman to me who was sitting by himself in the corner, and said that he knew that the guy was having a bad week and could use some company. Clair and Myra talked with him for awhile, and I got to chat with him for a couple of minutes before we left. He was really grateful for the company, and that we took the time to talk with him and get to know him. It’s too funny seeing how Jesus is clearly at work in Beloved, even using him to get us in touch with other folks in the mall we wouldn’t meet otherwise. Jesus knows his name, and He is present in Beloved’s life whether he knows it or not!

Kevin’s report:
Kevin, Anna and Les went out and purchased a few pizzas, but because it was raining and the streets were bare, we searched for an alternative.  Anna said she had a distant relative from her home country of Belize that lived almost right across the street from the pizza shop.  She hadn’t talk to him in person for several years and he was avoiding people from his home community due to past pain.
Anna contacted him through Facebook Messenger and shortly after, we got a very welcoming message to come over and to bring some pizza 🙂
When we got there we have a wonderful chat and though the person we were with had some past wounds from the church world, it was interesting to see him poking at us from different sides to see if a reaction could be stirred.  Love is the key to all things and we trust our visit left a door for more visits in the future.  I sent him an invitation to become a Facebook friend and later that evening it was accepted.
Next we went off the Portage Place and visited with a number of street people very familiar with our ministry.  After all these years of going out some really strong bonds are being met, and with that, secrets and deep hurts are being conveyed.

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