#183 – Worship Hootenanny Breaks Out In Prison

All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.  Galatians 2:10

This Week’s Highlights
*Worship Hootenanny Breaks Out In Prison – see below
*Eye site Restored – see Anna
* Donated Items Hit Their Mark – see Linda
*Christmas Cards Well Received – see Lorraine

Nineteen Deliverers of Mercy came out to minister this week, including, Tanner a visitor from Calgary.  We were also joined by Pastor Syras Derksen from Maplecrest Church.  Teams went to Siloam Mission, Quest Inn, City Place, and Portage Place.

       One of our young team members, Sheyenne Falk, reports from her YWAM base in Australia that she is learning a lot about being a Christian and has discovered that she is destined to full time ministry.  She writes, “I’ve realised without a doubt that God is calling me to full time missions.”

This Sunday at Stony Penitentiary Chapel time, Ken and I were joined by 4 friends (Wilma, Aly, Rod & Ruth) from the St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church.  Ken was expecting to lead the prison band during the worship time, but the drummer and the bass player were no longer available, one of them had been transferred, and the other had been placed in seclusion.  So Ken, Wilma, Rod, & Ruth became the band, and provided great worship leading.  After the message several prisoners asked for prayer, and while we prayed with individuals Rod played softly in the background.  As the prayer time wound down, one of the inmates accompanied Rod on the piano, and other prisoners started gathering around making song requests and joining in the singing, as did Ken and Ruth.  Wilma joined the piano player providing an awesome duet, and an amazing worship hootenanny broke out.  It was a very sweet time of fellowship with the prisoners.

Anna’s Report:
The people in our team were Kevin, Les, Syras and I.  We went to Portage Place Mall.
As we stepped in the door we met a young woman walking with two canes. She had been assaulted a couple of years ago and had received spinal injuries. She said she continues to improve slowly but is on constant pain medication. She expressed belief in continued healing and gladly welcomed the offer to pray for her. She also gladly accepted the supper we bought for her.
Next we saw the healing a several people’s eyes.
Kara wore glasses and had blurry vision in his eyes for the past 5 years. After prayer he reported his eyesight improved by 80%.
Melissa was sitting with her mother, and had an acute condition in her right eye that had recently caused her vision to become very blurry in that eye. She was waiting for a chance to see an ophthalmologist. After praying for that eye the sight in that eye was completely restored and said her vision was sharper than the left eye. So we prayed for the left eye as well and she reported perfect vision. Kevin had a word of knowledge for her that she has the strength of a hippopotamus to do what God has called her to do. She said she has a passion to help people. She and her mother gladly received the scarves, toque, and hot coffee we offered them.
Wyatt had blurry vision in both eyes but in one eye significantly worse than in the other eye. Kevin shared the word of God with him to build his faith. When asked if we can pray for his eyes, he reported his vision was already clearing up even before we prayed. We went on to speak to the blindness to go from his eyes until he reported perfect clarity and vision.
To everyone we met we handed out Christmas cards. The look of pleasant surprise on their faces at receiving a card was neat to see.  

Linda’s Report:
Firstly, I wanted to let those know who have donated items of clothing, toiletry kits, gospels, and blankets, just how much they are appreciated by those in need.    For most, it had been the very thing they needed when they needed it.   I was out with a group with Pastor Lorraine and we went to Siloam, Quest Inn and finally, Portage Place.
The highlight of the evening for me was the way the Lord powerfully touched some with emotional healing bringing freedom from oppression and lifting the weary with renewed faith and strength.  This included Connie and Rose.  Initially, they wanted prayer for others in the family, but in the process of sharing those burdens, the Lord really ministered to their hearts.
All of the Christmas cards we brought were well received at Siloam Missions.   We had brought a couple of blankets with us tonight which were eagerly taken.   Mike received a blanket and with it an inspired word from Pastor Lorraine for him.  All of the items given help to initiate contact and also remain a physical reminder of God’s provision and loving-kindness.   There were those both at Siloam and Portage Place who are looking forward to the next time we will be back.

Lorraine’s Report:
We had a busy night tonight.  It was cold outside, but our hearts were warmed by the responses of those we met.  Many were very grateful for our love, care and attention.
Our team leaders had asked me to give a card of thanks to those who are running the Quest Inn and so I made up some cards and gave them all a Starbucks gift card as a kind of thank you gift to bless them.  They were genuinely surprised by this gesture, but we were thrilled to honour and bless them in this small way.  We also prayed for others tonight, spoke life to some, and shared Jesus whenever we could.  Overall it was a good night with Tanya, Linda, Seamus, and Chantal.  Even after we were done we still had a chance to briefly connect with those on our other teams, encourage and share with one another some of the highlights of the night.   We are grateful to the Lord for many opportunities to love others in tangible ways, as well as by listening to their stories.
One such woman I met was also named Lorraine from a reserve up north.  Some months ago she had lost her 25 year old daughter and was still grieving, confessing to me that she could not allow herself to feel this big loss.  I shared a bit about my own loss and how God was there for me, asking me to give my pain over to Him and He would take it.  Lorraine seemed comforted by this, but yet unsure as I quietly prayed for her
broken heart.  So honoured to be there with her.

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