#184 – Gifts and Prayers Given To Celebrate Christmas

“This is what the Lord Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor.” Zechariah 7:9&10

This Week’s Highlights
*The Time of Year to Give – see below and pictures
*Deep Encounter Overwhelms – see Iris
*Holy Spirit Gives Constant High – see Jeremiah

Thirteen Deliverers of Peace, came out to minister this week.  Teams went to Siloam Mission, and Portage Place loaded with hot chocolate, Christmas cards, purses full of toiletries, socks, mitts, coats and candy canes.
The dining room was full at Siloam, as was the street at the entrance, and the hot chocolate, Christmas cards, candy canes, and 40 pairs of socks were gone in about 30 minutes, and several people received prayer.
Pictured below is Andrew (moustache) who received a brand new winter coat.  He was so excited, and told us God must have sent us, as the coat he had wasn’t warm enough.  Also pictured below is Jason who received a brand new red Mackinaw.  He was so overwhelmed he couldn’t speak.  Pictured below is Rita (in the wheelchair) who received a gift bag with a scarfe, mitts, and toque.  She said that was exactly what she 
needed.  And also pictured below is Melissa (lady in black being hugged by Pastor Lorraine) who received a brand new pair of stylized moccasins.  She couldn’t believe they were for her.  See Iris’ Report below for part of Melissa’s story.

Iris’ Report:
Lani, Gaylene and I met Linda walking towards the food court at Portage Place. She looked forlorn. She had had her wallet stolen a few weeks earlier with her passport, cell phone, and credit cards stolen at Portage Place. She had been preparing for a trip to Italy with her boyfriend for Christmas.  She was having a hard time with bitterness, and disappointment. We prayed for her and Lani had a prophetic sense of feeling violated and vulnerable.  When she said this Linda wiped tears and received prayer and encouragement.
Gaylene then introduced us to Melissa and her son Noah,who wanted to share her story and have us pray for her.  What a remarkable lady who carries a God sized vision for a house that helps drug addicts,for the North End, for sharing the Gospel in the trenches of strip clubs, etc. She shared about her journey with Jesus and what was stirring on her heart.  We prophesied over her and confirmed that she carried a gift of discernment and the prophetic. Lani had a word of knowledge about how much she needed to draw into God’s presence and he was calling her to intimacy. Lorraine then entered the picture by coming over and prophesying over her without knowing anything of the backstory, broke off occult involvement etc. Melissa was having a deep encounter with the Lord, and could hardly speak she was so overwhelmed with all that God was pouring out. What a special God encounter at the pillar in Portage Place.

Jeremiah’s Report:
People love Christmas cards! No joke, we handed out dozens of them to various people at Siloam mission. It’s an amazing ice breaker as well, you simply give him or her a card and talk with them a little and then pray for them.
Jerrold and I prayed for a man named Rodney, who four years ago had some kind of accident that forced him to leave the military. He was in constant pain and was in a wheelchair, he told us he was never getting out. We prayed and reassured him of the power of God to work miracles. He didn’t notice any changes of pain right then and there but we planted a seed of belief that he could be healed. (But of course we know he already is)
I prayed for a couple of other people at Siloam Mission but I can’t remember their names. Most of the people simply wanted a general prayer for well being. The one guy wanted protection from Satan (“because he’s very powerful”) I told him that God has put him in authority over the devil and that Satan in fact has no power.
When the team moved on to portage place we spoke with Rob, who is a homeless regular at Portage Place. He is getting ready for some interviews today to get a job. He asked Al for some pointers and tips, and we prayed that he gets the job he wants.
So nearing the end of the evening, Ken realized he had four Christmas cards left and gave them to me to give away.  So I go outside of Portage Place to a group of guys having a smoke, and gave them each a card. I shook their hands, introduced myself and wished them Merry Christmas.  One guy asked me what my drug of choice was! Ha, what an interesting question. I told them the Holy Spirit. They were obviously confused. I explained how people refer to him as the most high! It’s a constant and stable high that doesn’t go away.
They didn’t say much after that:)

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